Thursday, August 23, 2012

...set bersalin TANAMERA....

bersawang dah aih blog ek..
tak berjalan blog orang, tak jenguk blog sendiri..ish ish
sakan beraya ;p
parcel ni sampai kat office
lately memang selang seminggu ada je parcel sampai
bahaya betul online shopping ni..
siapa la start online shopping ni..memang bahaya..hehe
kadang tu sampai lupa order apa ;p

penat mencari sana sini about post natal care set
last-last saya beli TANAMERA ni..
tergoda sebab katanya minyak kelapa dara dia sangat excellent
boleh dijadikan selusuh and boleh jugak mengelakkan luka episiotomi
rasanya part luka bersalin tu je yang buat orang ngeri nak bersalin kan
saya pun sama..ngeri sangat bila pikir nak kena gunting tu ;p

okeyh, ni saya extract from TANAMERA website..boleh la baca and tengok what's inside the set kan
harga and cara order pun ada kat bawah ni.

TANAMERA postnatal care set

Our skin is alive and is the largest organ of our body. Anything that we apply on our skin is absorbed and processed by the various systems within our body. This is the foundation how our natural products help to strengthen and fortify new mother’s healing in a shorter time.
TANAMERA postnatal care set contains 11 products that :
  • Are formulated based on traditional Malay, Chinese and Ayurvedic postnatal treatments to provide a natural solution for new mother’s body to heal from the inside-out in a balanced manner, hormonally and physically.
  • Are made from plant-based 100% natural ingredients with emphasis on the use of tropical herbs and essential oils, with no artificial coloring, fragrance, preservative, toxic chemical nor ‘jamu’ which are harmful to babies.
  • Are designed to provide care during pregnancy to help prepare for smoother delivery, and care during confinement to help new mothers rest, recover and rejuvenate to prepregnancy body and shape, in the shortest time possible.
  • Are breastfeeding friendly and with aromatherapy effect to calm and soothe new mothers to faster recovery.

TANAMERA postnatal care set is retailed at RM360 in West Malaysia and RM370 in East Malaysia, including postage.

Each Tanamera Postnatal Care Set has 11 products to help new mothers recover and rejuvenate, in the shortest time possible
Click on each individual product picture for details on product benefits, usage guide and our 100% natural ingredients.
Product 1 : Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut OilProduct 2 : Feminine Herbal Wash
Product 3 : Herbal BathProduct 4 : Herbal Massage Oil
Product 5 : Firming Herbal Blend PasteProduct 6 : Abdominal Wrap
Product 7 : Herbal TeaProduct 8 : Calming Herbal Blend Paste
Product 9 : Boreh Body ScrubProduct 10 : Brown Formulation Soap
Product 11 : Lavender Floral Water

usaha jela yang terbaik dan termampu..yang lain tu memang Allah yang aturkan kan =)
semoga Allah kurniakan yang terbaik untuk saya
doakan ye =)

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